Christmas Gifts 2022

As Christmas is on its way, the Heavenly Doctrine Publishing Foundation would like to let you know that we have copies of the Kempton translation of the Word for sale. These can be purchased, and mailed to anyone you wish, on the Kempton Project website at this link. On this website you can use your credit card or your PayPal account, and choose between a cloth or leather binding. No postage is necessary if you pick up the book in Bryn Athyn or Kempton.

Available from the HDPF, for the first time, is the Warren-Tafel translation of Conjugial Love, and from last year we still have the classic Ager translation of Divine Love and Wisdom. These can be ordered and shipped anywhere in the US and beyond, via the Lulu print-on-demand website. You can order and ship Divine Love and Wisdom at this link. Conjugial Love is available at this link. We are hoping to get more of the classic translations onto our Lulu site in the near future, as most of them are now out of print.

The HDPF also offers used copies of these translations for the cost of postage (or a friendly ride to Kempton). We have most of the Swedenborg Foundation standard version, and many of the Swedenborg Society books as well. Many of them are in near-new condition. If you are interested, please contact Gideon and Loretta Alden at [email protected], or write to them at 287 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, PA, 19529.

We read in the short outline entitled An Ecclesiastical History of the New Church, written by Swedenborg 250 years ago:

On all the books in the spiritual world was inscribed “the Advent of the Lord.”

The books of the Heavenly Doctrine constitute the Lord’s Second Coming. Through these books we can understand just how marvelous and essential the first Advent of the Lord into the world was, just a little over 2000 years ago.

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